Women’s Leadership Training – September 2016

  • 10, 05, 2016
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Between Septedsc_1511mber 26 –29, MLI organized its fall Church Based Leadership Development intensive training for women. About 25 women from five different areas of Romania: Fetesti, Câmpina, Sibiu, Timisoara and Slobozia, came at Alpinis for a time of fellowship, study and spiritual renewal. The theme of the Conference was about: “Prayer”. The speaker this fall was Lori Kelly Davidson from West Park Baptist Church, Knoxville, TN. Lori is a very gifted Bible teacher, she was accompanied by her husband, Pastor Dennis Davidson from the same church. Lori did a wonderful job, everyone was touched and challenged by God through her teaching. Thank you Lori so much for giving yourself to the Lord and in the service of His people. We love you and appreciate you. I thank you all for your love and generosity. Thank you for making possible such a wonderful and meaningful time for our ladies. Please take few minutes to read what few of the participants had to say about it.

I thank the Lord for this conference which came as a response to my struggle about my prayer life. I was often thinkidsc_1498ng that even after two years of being a Christian, my prayers seemed too simple or maybe I was not praying for the right things. But the Lord wanted to surprise me with the theme of this week: “Prayer”. Isn’t He amazing? It was an extraordinary time of searching, joy and fellowship. May we bring Him all the praise through our lives which have been imprinted by these experiences. Alexandra Pacioga – Fetesti

It was my second time here and I am so impressed. I learned that I should have a special fellowship time with the Lord every day, away from anything that could distract me, in a designated space. Prayer without faith is nothing in God’s eyes. I haven’t been disciplined in my prayer life but I now realize how important it is. Sister Lori was such a gentle leader, kindly explaining everything so we could understand. The prayer journal craft was extra nice and will help me be disciplined in prayer every day. May the Lord abundantly reward you! Magdalena Raich – Fetesti

The theme of this conference was so useful, as we learned and were reminded how important prayer is for a child of God. The prayer journal is a wonderful idea which will help me be more organized and disciplined in prayer. I also understood better how important the adoration prayer should be; the Lord dwells amidst t dsc_1468he praises of His people. I was motivated to thank Him more, not just ask, and I learned I should pray with faith knowing that my life depends on Him. Lastly, I realized how important it is to intercede through prayer – to care about other people’s needs, to cry with those who cry and to support others. What a blessed time we had! Marina Barac – Sibiu

This week I was so blessed at this conference together with sisters from different areas of Romania. The Lord has spoken to me through the theme “Prayer”, that I should focus more on it and that we, as Christian women should intercede more for the ministries in our churches. I do hope that in the villages where we minister we’ll be able to start such prayer groups with the women. Thank you so much for this opportunity! Raluca Stoian – Slobozia

I am so thankful for the conference we had at Alpinis. It has helped me realize the importance of prayer in a Christian’s lifdsc_1441e. I understood that God’s answer is sometimes ‘yes’, other times ‘no’, or sometimes ‘wait’. Even if we sometimes don’t understand His answer, we take comfort because “we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.” We should pray not just for our loved ones, or our family, but for others as well, and especially for those who do not know the Lord. May the Lord bless you all who have facilitated our stay here! Vica – Campina

Thank you, Lord, for giving me the opportunity to participate at this conference again. Thank you for Your Word, the spiritual nourishment we received, and thank you that Your Word is a lamp unto my feet. I have learned that I need to have a specific place where to separate myself from all distractions in order to be able to pray. I hope to appldsc_1501y everything I have learned here and please help me, Lord, to love You more and more each day. Please bless sister Lori with everything she needs. Amen! Mariana – Fetesti

God is perfect, kind, honest, just and glorious, and so many other things, and He wants to have a close relationship with us. We have been reminded that we should separate from the noises of this world, and be in communion with the Lord. We learned how important it is to be thankful in prayer, to bring praises to the Lord, to intercede for others before bringing our own problems before the Lord. Prayer is vital on our own and in a group setting. I am so thankful that God allowed me to participate with my sisters at this conference. May He be praised! Stela Oprean – Timisoara

Such conferences are always so beneficial. It was my first time here and sister Lori was so well prepared and such an example of a faithful woman. I was glad to learn and be reminded about God, prayer, thanksgiving, interceding, true faith and dependency on God. I cannot wait to share with my sisters back home. I dsc_1480-copypraise the Lord for the wonderful blessing to have been at Alpinis and I thank everyone who made it possible for us to be refreshed in the Spirit. Ari Rozeta – Sibiu

Thank you so much for making possible such meaningful events for us in Romania. We appreciate so much your continued support in prayer and your generosity. Your love and dedication is an example for us and encourages us. Your partnership in ministry is vital for us and for God’s work in Romania. You all are in our hearts and we pray for you! May the Lord richly bless you.

Pastor Eugen Groza – Your Partner in Romania