Women’s Leadership Development – May 2014

Women’s Leadership Development – May 5th-8th – with Julie Sanders & Carol Weaver

At the beginning of May, MLI organized its spring Church Based Leadership Development intensive training for women. Between May 5th – 8th about 30 women came from four different areas of Romania (Timisoara and Carpinis – west Romania; Campina, Filipestii de Padure, Bratasanca and Sat Miner – south Romania; Fetesti, Tandarei, – south east Romania and Sibiu and Medias -center Romania). There were days of sweet fellowship, teaching from the Word of God and challenges for a better service and spiritual growth. The theme of the Conference was: “Christ and Community” from the book of Ephesians. The speaker this spring was our dear friend and excellent Bible teacher Mrs. Julie Sanders who reminded us that we are chosen, blessed, adopted by God and sealed by the Holy Spirit. She was accompanied by Mrs. Carol Weaver who shared with us how to raise children who would love God and love church. Thank you Julie and Carol so much for giving yourselves to the Lord and in the service of His people. We love you and appreciate you. Thank you all for your love and generosity. Thank you for making such a wonderful and meaningful time for our ladies possible. Please take few minutes to read some of the impressions.


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I am thankful to God that I was able to participate at this conference. I understood better how my behavior should be in my family, at church and in community. I practically learned what it means to spread Christ’s aroma around me. I am grateful the Lord reminded me how my Christian walk should be like and how I can lead and influence other women to serve Him.

Cami Vasile – Campina

I had a blessed time at Alpinis because I could draw closer to God and I learned how to serve Him better and full heartedly. I learned how to manage conflicts in my family and at church and I was challenged to be more forgiving and grateful and to invest more in the ones around me. Praised be the Lord for this ministry!

Ionela Mihalcea – Timisoara

I am overwhelmed by the blessing to have been at this conference. I am so grateful to sisters Julie and Carol for clarifying the Word of God. I was confused about certain things but through the teachings here I was able to see things differently and I was motivated to serve the Lord more and be more involved in the local church. Thank you for everything!

Mariana Ganea – Fetesti

I am so grateful for this conference – it is my first time here and it has been a blessed fellowship of encouragement. I was reminded of the Christ’s fragrance that I should spread around me, at home, at church and in the community where I live. May the Lord reward you!

Giorgiana Baboi – Tandarei

DSC_5489_1024x683You have been a real blessing for me. I have rediscovered who I am and how God wants me to be like in my relationship with the church, my friends and my family. I also learned how to be more involved in serving the Lord and how to be submitted to God and to my husband. I am so thankful to have met you all and I pray our partnership will continue.

Doris Ilies – Medias

Do you want a healthy relationship with God? How can one sift through what is good and what is bad in the media? These are just a few things that kept my mind alert during the conference. The message from Ephesians touched important topics in my life which I know they need to be changed. Thank you for your support and sacrifice!

Ana Vasile – Campina