Social Enterprise


 Through the Social Enterprise project we aim to generate long term financial support for MLI/CAR programs.

  •  – In 2008 we planted a fifteen acres peach and apple orchard and raised a greenhouse for strawberries (1550 square feet) on the land around Deborah House.
  • 7. july - social enterprise – In 2011 we added four greenhouses (totaling 10800 feet), two of those heated, where we grow lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and bell peppers.
  •  – In 2012 we planted three acres of strawberry plants producing two crops per year in May and September.
  •  – We run a small chicken farm for meat and eggs.

Part of the produce serves the needs of Deborah House for fresh fruit and vegetables as well as preserves and pickles for the winter, and the rest we sell. The value of this program extends far beyond food and financial support, it is therapeutic and helps the girls to develop skills and responsibilities. The satisfaction of seeing the results of their work is instrumental for regaining of self-esteem.