Our MLI is made of only 25 people. But there are still a few more hundreds and even thousands of people who support the causes we believe in, through prayers, volunteering, and donations.
The key point is serving in unity,. Whether we’re talking about friends in Romania, the US, Europe or other parts of the world, everyone involved, some for over 15 years now, believes in the vision that guides us and shares our values. We help, encourage and make things happen for the sake of abusive children who need support and help for the sake of education and the formation of leaders in Romania and, most importantly: the reason and purpose for which we do all things: love for God.


What are our values?


Glorify God
People and relationships – God has called us to work in partnership with Christ, through the Spirit, and therefore in partnership with each other, across borders, races, and continents.
Serving community and personal needs – we are preoccupied to alleviate both spiritual and physical needs of the people we serve.
Church and its mission – we endeavor to work as an arm of Christ’s Church, with and through local churches.
Christian belief, values, and morals – we confess and promote the evangelical faith and adhere to the Statement of Faith of the Evangelical Alliance of Romania.


The Team


Pastor Eugen Groza – Founder President

Emil Toader – President, Pastor
Lorena Rusovan – Executive Director, MBA, Engineer
Ion Costache – Resource Development Director, Attorney
Ioan-Sebastian Pătlăgescu – Financial Director, Licensed Accountant
Erika-Damaris Manea – Communications & PR Specialist
Laurentiu (Lori) Erbatu – Alpinis Development Director, MBA
George and Mioara Ciucan – Alpinis, Facility Intendant
Pastor Florin Iosub – Church Partnering Coordinator, volunteer
Larisa Sandu – Children at Risk Director/Case Manager, Master in Social Work
Adriana-Meda Ciacia – Psychologist Deborah House, Mitspa House & Mom’s School Counselor
Gabriela Beleag – Social Worker Deborah House Residential Center
Izabela Mihai – Special Education Specialist, Deborah House Center/ Harmony Education Counselor
Adriana and Viorel Crenicean  – Social Parents Deborah House Residential Center/Administrative Manager
Adriana and Samuel Fometescu – Social Parents Deborah House Residential Center
Doru si Rodica Racovicean – Education Instructors Harmony and Back to School programs
Alexia Coleman – ECMI missionary, Social Worker – Mitspa House Coordinator
Iasmina Grigoroscuta – Early Child Development Specialist, Mitspa House
Loredana Mihalescu – Junior Social Worker, Mitspa House


The Board of Directors


Eugen Groza – Pastor, MLI Foundation Founder President

Emil Toader – Pastor, MLI President
Petru Bulica, Ph.D. – Pastor Coordinator, “Bethel” Baptist Church Timisoara
David Gall – Businessman, Indianapolis IN, USA
Mike McKeithen – Lawyer, Atlanta GA, USA , President Missio International
Alexandru Neagoe, Ph.D. –  Pastor, “Bethel” Baptist Church Timisoara,  Professor West University of Timisoara, Faculty of Sociology  and Psychology
Dr. Elisabeta Vicas – Primary doctor, general and internal medicine
Laurentiu Erbatu – Businessman, Giurgiu, Romania
Daniel Martinescu – Software Developer, Company Manager
Kenny Woodhull, Ph. D. – Professor, Johnson University, Knoxville TN, USA