Ministry Partners

Missio International (formerly USAffairs) was founded in 1993 and exists to support and representin the U.S Missio Link International (MLI) and other qualified Romanian ministries. Through a variety of services and a small army of individuals, churches, and foundations across the United States, MissioInternational is pleased to create, cultivate, and coordinate resources on behalf of our ministry-partners in Romania.

What began as a friendship soon after the Revolution between Alec Woodhull (Rockford, TN) and Eugen Groza (Timisoara, Romania) quickly grew into an international ministry purposed to facilitate the spiritual and material rebirth of post-communist Romania.

From its inception, Missio International has enjoyed a distinctly relational ministry. Missio International is evangelical in its mission orientation and ecumenical in its commitment to work across denominational boundaries. Missio International works with faith-based individuals, church, and para-church interests as well as foundations and resource organizations throughout the United States and Romania

While over the years this collaborative effort has served to link hundreds of churches and thousands of people, the emphasis has and will always remain on the one-to-one fostering of authentic, Kingdom-oriented friendships that can grow organically in the grace and strength of our Lord Jesus Christ.

If you, your church, business, ministry, school, or family wish to find out more about MLI and Missio International’s facilitative role in Romania, please access:

Phone: (865) 803-9820


Missio International
P.O. Box 10967
Knoxville, TN 37939

Missio International (MI) Board of Directors

The heart of Missio International is its Board of Directors. We take great care not to become a top-down or authoritarian-type mission society. The initiative, energy, goals, and direction which we possess under the guidance of the Holy Spirit are what drive us. Our people are self-starters with strong calls from the Lord and there are many in our midst with an unparalleled work ethic.


Name Location Background
Lauren Woodhull Clevenger (Executive Team)    Knoxville, TN Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
Stephen Franks (Treasurer and Audit Chair) Marietta, GA CPA and Former CFO in Financial Services
Catherine Franks


Marietta, GA Active Ministry Volunteer
Elizabeth J. Holt (Audit Committee) Daleville, VA Retired Accountant
George E. Holt (Audit Committee) Daleville, VA Railcar Interchange, Inc.
James G. Johnson (Chairman of the Board) Sevierville, TN Financial Advisor
Darlene McKeithen (Audit Committee) Atlanta, GA Retired, IBM Finance
Michael B. McKeithen ESQ (Governance Committee)   Atlanta, GA Attorney at Law
John Moore (Executive Committee) Cordova, TN Senior Vice President, Barnhart Crane & Rigging Co.
Megan Moore, BSN-RN (Executive Committee)  Clinton, MS Registered Nurse, UMMC NICU
Franklin Murchison, M.D. (Secretary) Knoxville, TN Baptist Eye Surgeon
Deborah Normand

Mooresville, NC   Debhouse Cookies- Owner
Jeffrey Normand (Executive Committee) Mooresville, NC Architect
Shelby Woodhull Trusley (Executive Team) Knoxville, TN Small Business Owner
Kenny Woodhull, D. Missiology (President) Knoxville, TN Professor at Johnson University
Lois Rosenberry Holland, OH Children’s Discovery Center- CEO
Jessica De Viney Maumee, OH Children’s Discovery Center- COO