May 7-10, Men’s Intensive training at Alpiniș

  • 05, 24, 2018
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Our calling at MLI is to assist local churches in their mission, in difficult and less resourced areas in Romania; one of the primary ways we do this is by helping local pastors to train and equip leaders.  Our main tool is the Bible Education by Extension curriculum which is being implemented locally through small groups, and twice a year we bring part of the groups together for a time of intensive training at Alpiniș.

Our theme for the May 7-10 men’s training, was the dynamics and mission of the local church. We invited each of the churches represented to map out and reflect on the story of their local church, addressing questions such as: in what ways have you seen God at work your area? What are the significant points in the history of your church? What obstacles,  challenges and joys have you noticed in the advancement of the gospel in your area? What are your prayers, dreams and fears for the future as a local community? We ended each presentation by praying specifically for the work and servants of Christ in the respective area. We also spent time in Scriptures, exploring themes such as discipleship and formation of servant leaders, witness and evangelism, church planting and worship.

Thank you so much for your prayers and continued interest in ministry in Romania! We invite you to continue to pray for the witness and mission of churches in Romania.

Emil Toader



I thank God and MLI for the time spent here! My brothers’ testimonies encouraged me that no matter how easy or difficult times can be, God is in control! I was reminded that I should serve the people around me not only because I have to, but because God has called me to! (Andrei, Câmpina)



I am thankful for this conference and for understanding one more time that nothing can defeat Christ’s church! (Ruben, Făgăraș)



I came here with great expectations and I received many spiritual blessings. The purpose of the church is much clearer to me now: worship, growth and sharing the Gospel. Our discussions also made me evaluate my work in the ministry. MLI is in my heart and in my daily prayers. (Pastor Florin, Câmpina, Alba)