Kenny Woodhull and Shelby Trusley in Romania

  • 11, 01, 2017
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The end of October was a special time for us, we had the joy of having here Kenny Woodhull and Shelby Trusley, two of the three children of our dear and deeply missed friends, Alec and Paty Woodhull, the founders of  Missio International (former US Affairs).

Following their footsteps in Romania, we will start from Alpinș, where Kenny held a conference and Shelby a seminar with pastors from different regions of Romania. The theme of the conference was: “How to develop a sensible heart for God and for His people”.  Kenny shared with our brothers the importance of the story in the process of delivering a message, he taught them how to reach a good connection with the public by correlating the emotional side with the rational part. Shelby shared a sweet memory from her childhood, a memory with her father cutting the high grass full of weeds and briers, leaving behind trails they could use to follow him, she associated this memory with the believer’s inheritance, The Way Jesus has traced for His children. This stop was followed by Shelby’s visit at Recaș, where Shelby brought a fresh message from The Book of Isaiah, chapter 61, a message meant to bring hope to young mothers who, besides the fact of becoming responsible for other lives from an early age, face poverty and social exclusion every day. On October 27, we were honored to celebrate with the girls from Deborah House, the birthday of Brother Eugen and Kenny, they were born in different years but on the same day.

We want to thank Kenny and Shelby for over twenty-five years of precious moments, a special inheritance left by their parents to MLI, and for the faithfulness with which they follow their traces, it is an encouragement for us!

Please take a few moments to read some impressions from this conference.

„Through the grace of God, once again, I experienced the joy of fellowship with my dear brothers. I was inspired by the stories of their lives to serve the Lord in a beautiful way and I decided to leave behind a beautiful path. I discovered during this period how good is the heavenly Father, how well and efficiently the Lord Jesus served using the parables. I pray to God that He will create in  us a heart that beats for Him and for our brothers, thank you!” ANDI NISTOROIU

„I thank God and all those people who made this experience possible for me. The first thing that impressed me was the preaching of the Word through real parables, then was the personal example of the brothers Kenny and Shelby, an example of love and mutual respect. God bless you all !” IOAN STĂNEAN

“The challenge I received was a new vision of Jesus’ parables, as well as the use of stories in the messages created to reach people. I was deeply impressed by the idea of ​​making relevant paths for those around us, “in a world full of bats and briers”.” TONI CĂRĂBOS

“The Holy Spirit touched my heart, revealed to me special things, blessed teachings which I want to apply in my life, especially our duty, as God’s children and servants,to open straight paths for those around us. God bless you! ” LAZĂR ARNĂUT


We invite you to see a photo album here.