The 1989 Revolution brought with it a lot of enthusiasm, hope for something better, but at the same time unveiled the profound tragedies of the communism: tens of thousands orphan children brought up in unimaginable harsh conditions, street children, a poor population dependent on a state that was confiscated by the communist minority. The year 1990 revealed not only a political crisis, but a social and moral one. The churches which under the regime were forced to look inward, had lost the vision and ability to be involved in the social problems, the mentalities were a tribute to the communist education, and the problems were major and urgent. Together with a group of believers Eugen Groza started to be involved even since 1990 in charity, church planting and leadership development.

Ten years after the Revolution the problems were mostly the same and the transition turned out to be longer and tougher that imagined. In order to better respond to the social and spiritual needs of the Romanian people, through a group of friends and colleagues (Eugen Groza, Emil Toader, Lorena Rusovan and Nelu Costache) Missio Link International Foundation (MLI) was founded in 2001. MLI has Christian values at its basis and its purpose is to help implement those values in the Romanian society, being convinced that the most serious crisis in Romania is neither the social or political one, but the moral and spiritual one. We know that Romania needs moral healing and needs to come back to the fundamental Christian values, as they are presented in the Scripture.

Since 2001 a Godly and gifted team of Romanian Christians has served in some of the darkest and most difficult areas of Romania.