Why do we find it necessary to help the exploited children or the abused and trafficked girls in Romania? Why do we continue to support and lift the churches in the southeast areas of Romania?


The 1989 anti-communist revolution brought much hope to the Romanians, but it also revealed serious social, economic and moral problems over which the 45 years of Communism have made their mark. The Romanians have gained their freedom, but based on an identity vacuum, this has further highlighted the issues mentioned above.
To answer in a practical way the needs of Romania, a group of friends and colleagues, including Eugen Groza, Emil Toader, Lorena Rusovan and Ion Costache, founded the Missio Link International – MLI Foundation in 2001.
MLI is a Christian foundation and aims to implement Christian values and principles in society. We are convinced that the deep root of Romania’s crisis, still 30 years after the Revolution, is not just a social or political one, but a moral and spiritual one that finds its solution in the Christian faith.