harmony ENThe largest juvenile prison in Romania – The Reeducation Center for Minors in Buziaș – is located twenty miles southeast of Timisoara. More than one hundred teenagers and youth, majority boys but also girls, ages 14 to 18 years old are part of the program. They committed minor crimes because of poverty, bad company and lack of parental supervision, or because they were victims of adults who instigated them to illegal actions.

How do we help?

Harmony is a moral-religious prioritized educational program using Bible lessons and Christian songs to impact and bring change in the lives of youth in the juvenile prison. The program registered a positive impact in lowering the repeat rate among offenders and gained the appreciation of prison officials for its effectiveness.

DSC_3612Extend a helping hand to one at risk child from Romania by:

– Becoming the prayer pall of a child;

– Volunteering into a short mission team

– Providing financial support for a child’s needs for food, clothing, health, education.

You can help sustain this important ministry by clicking on the Extend a Helping Hand link to see how you can make a difference in the lives of hundreds of Romania’s most disenfranchised children.