Back to School

back to schoolThere is a large segment of second generation adult agricultural population in rural Timis county which was uprooted and relocated by the Communist regime. This group is illiterate in proportion of 75%, unskilled and left without its main source of existence – agriculture. Consequently children from this community are prone to school abandonment at a double rate compared to other areas in EU.

How do we help?

Through the Back to School program we address the basic needs of over two hundred children from such poor communities in Timis county villages, by providing food, school supplies, clothes, shoes and personal hygiene products in order to prevent school drop-out and child abandonment, widespread situations in poor – especially Rroma – families in rural areas.

1208648_596288923762889_1628742434_nMLI believes that education is the only way to break the vicious cycle of disease, famine, poverty and abuse on children in poor communities, a cycle that lasts for generations. Access to education surpasses anything that MLI may offer these marginalized children. Education is the most sustainable investment that MLI can encourage. Education, once received, cannot be denied or stolen.

You can help support this important mission by going to the „Extend a helping hand” to see how to change the lives of hundreds of children at risk.