aspirationsASPIRATIONS is a MLI/Children at Risk program which addresses the needs of teenagers who leave the social protection system in Romania (approximately 5,000 every year) – unprepared to deal with the difficulties of everyday life. They often are exposed to the risk of social and occupational discrimination or an unbalanced life because of some childhood stereotypes and inadequate learning during their living in a children’s home.

How do we help?

4. aprilie - aspirationsWe provide assistance to approximately fifteen at-risk youth already known to MLI – girls from Deborah House and teenagers from the Harmony program. ‘Aspirations’ offers psychological and family counseling, social skills, basic family unit financial and budget training, and some limited financial assistance. The program includes tutoring in job application and interview skills and some further job search assistance. University scholarships are made available to those who demonstrate a desire to work and to succeed academically.

The end goal for each ‘Aspirations’ participant is to become a functioning, independent, and self-supporting adult, fully integrated into the Romanian society.

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